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Interact with data through SQL queries, enabling powerful and flexible data retrieval and manipulation.


Simplified Data Sharing

With Synmetrix, sharing data is easy. It uses a versatile protocol, making it work smoothly with various data tools. Whether you're using business intelligence or data exploration tools like Superset and Tableau, data notebooks like Jupyter or Hex, reverse ETL tools like Census or Hightouch, low-code platforms like Retool, or even automated job processes, Synmetrix connects effortlessly. This means your data can be used across different apps, making your data-driven tasks more straightforward and efficient.

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One-Stop Metrics Solution

Synmetrix is your go-to place for all your data needs. It keeps all your metrics in one organized place, so no matter which tool you use to analyze or visualize data, you'll always find what you need. It makes getting your data easy, no matter what tools or platforms you prefer.

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Integrate directly into your workflow. Even with Excel!
Foster a collaborative environment where teams work harmoniously on shared models.
Trust in our robust security.
Craft SQL queries to your unique needs.
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Ready to elevate your data game? Dive into the future of data connectivity with Synmetrix. Seamlessly connect more than 50 data sources. Your data journey starts now with Synmetrix!

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Glowing Testimonials that Speak Volumes
Power of Data Modeling
Synmetrix's data modeling capabilities have redefined our analysis process.
Sofia Miller
Data Analyst
Streamlined Data Management
Synmetrix simplifies data handling, making my job more efficient.
Mark Johnson
Data Scientist
Seamless Collaboration
We love Synmetrix's versatile interfaces, facilitating seamless teamwork.
Michael Carter
Project Manager
Timely Alerts
Synmetrix's alerting system keeps us ahead with real-time notifications.
Ryan Scott
Operations Manager
Alerting Made Easy
Thanks to Synmetrix, alerting has never been smoother. Impressive!
Alex Turner
DevOps Engineer
Insightful Reporting
The integrated reporting system ensures everyone gets the insights they need.
John Smith
Business Analyst
Customizable Alerts
Synmetrix's customizable alerts empower us to stay proactive in data-driven decisions.
Rachel Miller
Data Manager
High-Performance Data Processing
Synmetrix's caching and pre-aggregation systems have transformed our data handling.
Daniel Clark
IT Manager